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Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Corporate Massage Therapy

What is a Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is relaxing, calming and energising. Rooted in the holistic principle of considering the whole person and not just symptoms, it will leave both your body and mind in a state of profound relaxation, balance and harmony.

Based on Swedish Massage techniques of stroking, kneading and thumb and finger pressure, Therapeutic Massage uses oil or lotion to facilitate rhythmic, soothing massage strokes without dragging the skin.

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Corporate Massage Therapies will help improve attitudes in the workplace

Relaxation Therapy

On-Site Massge

You can hire out our on-site masseuese services by the day, not by the person.

Massage Therapy

Indian Head Massage

From Ayurvedic traditions, an Indian Head massage is the ultimate in relaxation

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